SJO Vive! – ‘San José Lives’ Street Concert


One of the great things about San José, Costa Rica, is that not only do they put a serious focus on the arts, but also that you don’t have to spend a fortune…or like last night, even a single peso to enjoy some world-class entertainment!


The Municipality of San José teamed up with the Orquestra Filarmònica de Costa Rica (Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra) and put on a street concert extravaganza in Barrio Chino (China Town) billed as ‘San José Vive’ (San José Lives), and ‘live’ it did.

Under the direction of Maestro Marvin Araya, the orchestra filled the night air with pulsating renditions of great music from the 70s, including a special homage to the rock band Queen.

Form the moment the performance started, there was dancing in the streets, laser light shows, and of course, what great evening of outdoor music would be complete without a spectacular fireworks display?

‘San José Vive’ had it all, and once again proved that the Pura Vida lifestyle is definitely a path well chosen.

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