Renegade Artists – San José Street Art

Being that I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, or even stay within the lines in a Deputy Dawg coloring book, I hold those with artistic talent in very high regard.  I’m an especially big fan of street artists, and San José is home to some truly wonderful talent.

It’s interesting that most of the art we generally see around the country deals with exotic wildlife and the natural beauty that Costa Rica is most known for, but around the city of San José, the street art seems to focus more on the soul and diversity of the people themselves.

Whether painted on corrugated tin sheets that secure a construction site, or on the supporting walls of a railroad overpass, or even on a too-tempting blank concrete canvas on the side of a commercial building, you can find example after compelling example of renegade artists wielding talent and color and leaving their mark on this city.

Whether realistic impressions dealing with the day to day struggles of life, or abstract concepts to pique our imagination, my hat is off to the talented street artists who call San José home.


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