Cine Magaly – Enjoying the ‘Artsy’ Side of Life

I’ve never been a fan of ‘artsy-type’ foreign films, and that’s probably because I never took the time to learn what they had to offer – that is until I moved to San José, Costa Rica.  Now I’m a HUGE fan, and Romy and I go ever chance we get.  One of the best places to see a great selection of European films is the classic Cine Magaly, just a short walk up the street from us here in Barrio Amòn.

One of the great things about enjoying a flick at Cine Magaly is that before the movie begins, you can relax at the Kubrick Café, which is right beside the entrance to the theater.

To say that they have a decent menu would be a sad understatement.  They have some absolutely wonderful appetizers, like caprese and fried potatoes with a very special tomato dipping sauce, as well as sandwiches and other dinner-type fare if you want something a little more filling.  For us, it’s just a pleasure to sit on the open patio and enjoy a cool San José evening with a cup of hot Costa Rican coffee or a natural fruit drink, while we wait for the movie to begin.

One thing you have to get ready for – when I say ‘artsy foreign films’, I mean movies that are award winners from mostly European countries that are in the language from where they were produced.  Since we’re in Costa Rica, most are presented with Spanish subtitles. (Occasionally you’ll get one that’s in Spanish with English subtitles, but that’s rare.)  Tonight’s presentation was ‘A Man Named Ove’ – presented in German with Spanish subtitles.  But here’s the cool thing.  Even if you can’t read all the subtitles, or speak German (or French, or Russian, or Italian, etc.), the films are generally so well done that you can still follow along with the story.  As for ‘En Man Som Heter Ove’, it was a truly wonderful film!

Like I always say, it’s the adventure that makes traveling fun, and enjoying a foreign art film at Cine Magaly after a relaxing bite to eat at the Kubrick Café near downtown San José, Costa Rica, is definitely a little ‘artsy’ slice of life you don’t want to miss!

Cine Magaly is located in the Barrio California neighborhood of San José, on Calle 23 between Avenida Central and Avenida 3, and it’s just a short walk from Barrio Amòn.  Plus tickets are only 2,500 colones (about $5.00US), so it’s a reasonably priced way to spend a great evening.  If you want more information about Cine Magaly, you can check out their website at:



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