Café Chorreado – aka: The Coffee Condom

Okay, let me get this out of the way, even before I get into all the glory of Café Chorreado and the wonder of Costa Rica coffee.  Look at it, and tell me that this little set-up doesn’t look like a ‘coffee condom’.  There, I’ve said it, it’s obvious, I’m right, so giggle a little, and let’s move on…

Now, whether you order yours as a cup of coffee…or café, or joe, or java, or ink, or mud, or forty weight, or go juice, we all love that steaming hot cup of magical elixir, and in all my travels, never have I found it more deliciously served up as it is in Costa Rica via the Café Chorreado process.

When you order café chorreado, they bring you a 6″-8″ wooden stand with an elongated cotton pouch that’s filled with freshly ground coffee.  You situate your mug under the pouch, and then slowly pour hot water from the ceramic pitcher into the grounds and wait while your cup of café slowly brews right before your eyes.  Insider’s Tip:  Once your café is brewed and you’re ready to take out your cup, quickly slip the ceramic pitcher under the pouch or you’ll also ‘brew’ a nice little mess on the table.

Like most other things in Costa Rica, café chorreado isn’t quick, but then again, it’s not supposed to be.  It’s all part of the Pura  Vida lifestyle that Costa Ricans are so famous for.  So, sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment…and your delicious cup of café chorreado.

I’ve traveled all over Central and South America, and sampled coffee all their coffees (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, etc.), and for my tastebuds, Costa Rica has some of the best coffee there is in this part of the world.

The economic foundation of Costa Rica as it’s known today was built on coffee.  Coffee exports are what economically spurred Costa Rica forward from a small, relatively unknown little Central American country, to what it’s become today.  I guess you could say that fine coffees are like precious diamonds in the historical jewelry of Costa Rica.

So, whether you order up a café chorreado and marvel at the little ‘coffee condom’, or just have a regular ole’ cup of delicious brewed coffee, I think you’ll find Costa Rican coffees to be as good as they come.

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